We have been very busy at Cumberland Realty Group with Auctions, Private Treaty Sales, and Off Market Sales.

What are Off-Market Sales?

Off-Market Sales are not advertised on the internet and are marketed to a genuine group of Buyers on our database for a period of around 2 weeks. This gives sellers some time to calm their nerves about selling their family home. It can also save sellers thousands of dollars in marketing fees. 

Off-Market Sales also achieve a maximum price for sellers as exclusive buyers are pre-qualified to pay a premium price and feel they need to put in their best offer before the property is put up for sale/auction to the rest of Australia.

If the home is not sold off-market, paid advertising will commence.

Advantages of Selling Off Market

Because we have a strong buyer network, selling off-market can be ideal for a quick sale which can result in a shorter settlement period and bigger deposit. 

There's no option to auction your property if you choose to sell off-market. But this saves you the risk of a prolonged selling process if the property doesn't sell on auction day.

What are the Risks of Off-Market selling?

The biggest risk of selling off-market is the likelihood of receiving a lower sold price than if you had advertised.

This is due to the lack of public interest you'll receive prior to selling.

In terms of reaching the maximum amount of buyers off-market, you'll want to sell off-market with CUMBERLAND REALTY who has a large network of buyers in the Cumberland Local Council area, that we can talk to privately. 

Call me anytime for a confidential discussion and the best sales strategy for you