Maximising Your Return

At Cumberland Realty Group, we believe property investment is about growing your investment. Our team is dedicating to helping you implement strategies to increase rent whilst maintaining a quality tenant We will provide you with strategies to increase your rental return.


Choosing the Right Tenant

You choose your own tenants.

All prospective tenants are required to complete a detailed application form and supply identification as well as documentation of their existing and previous residential status.

A series of checks are carried out to determine whether the applicant is suitable for your property.

Prospective tenants are required to supply the following:

  • Employment details, payslips
  • Current and previous address of residence
  • Photo identification
  • Rental ledgers and rental history
  • Bank statement

Once we have checked the applications we submit the details their details to you, to make the final decision. When a tenant has been approved they are required to leave a holding deposit of 1 weeks rent to secure the property for 7 days. Should they decide not to proceed with the tenancy the holding deposit is refunded to the owner.


Residential Lease Signing

Residential Tenancy Agreements are legal documents outlining the terms and conditions which bind the owner, the agent, and the tenants to the agreed terms of the lease.

After a tenancy application has been approved, the Residential Tenancy Agreement is prepared along with a Conditions Report. Before the tenants sign the Residential Tenancy Agreement they are required to pay 4 weeks bond plus 2 weeks rent in advance.

Once the Residential Tenancy Agreement has been signed all parties will receive a copy of the following:

  • Residential Tenancy Agreement
  • Ongoing Photos
  • Condition Report
  • Property Inspection Report

Following a discerning selection of a tenant, a physical inspection of your property is the next most important activity in protecting your investment.

A comprehensive condition report is compiled complete with internal and external digital photographs of the property at the beginning of the tenancy. Upon the tenants vacating, this condition report is used to compare the condition of the property at the end of the tenancy with the condition we recorded at the beginning. We can easily determine if the tenant is liable for any cleaning or damages created during the term of their tenancy. Should cleaning or repairs be required by the tenant we will arrange qualified tradespeople to attend to the items and deduct the costs from the tenants’ bond accordingly.


Routine Inspections

The landlord is entitled to four periodic inspections per year and we carry out our periodic inspections every 15 weeks.

You will be notified of all upcoming routine inspections and we will invite you. Drive-by inspections are carried out on a regular basis.

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