Cumberland Realty Group and The Five E’s

Cumberland Realty Group and The Five E’s

Many sectors love a good acronym. There are the Five E’s of:

  • Teaching - engage, explore, explain, elaborate, evaluate.
  • Management – enrol, envision, establish, execute and evaluate.
  • Customer experience – eye contact, ear to ear smile, enthusiastic greeting, engage and educate.

At Cumberland Realty Group these are our Five E’s:

Ethics – applying the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings. This includes honesty, loyalty, and keeping our promises.

Education – educating our staff on the highest professional standards is our mantra. Education is an everyday process, whether it be studying market and financial trends, buyer positions or changing vendor needs.

Experience – we believe there needs to be a marriage between theoretical learning and experience in how to apply it. We not only understand what needs to be done, but we know how to do it.

Examination – we continually examine our behaviours, procedures, and results, so that we work at a very high level and can always exceed expectations.

Evolution – the businesses that continue to deliver results for its clients is the one who can most quickly adapt and evolve to meet different needs and challenges.

If you are looking for any advice or you are thinking of selling your home, keep in mind the five E’s of Cumberland Realty Group.

We are confident that we can show you the results that this mantra continuously delivers for our clients.