Do-It-Youself (D-I-Y) Maintenance on Rental Properties Important Information

Do-It-Youself (D-I-Y) Maintenance on Rental Properties Important Information

With the popularity of D-I-Y reality TV shows, there has been an ongoing shift for many homeowners to take on their own repairs and renovations.

However, when it comes to the management of investment properties, landlords and managing agents have a 'duty of care' and responsibility to the tenant/s to ensure that only licensed and insured professionals carry out repair works to protect all parties should something go wrong.

There have been cases where unqualified landlords have carried out works at the property that have led to costly compensation claims and even serious injuries to tenants due to faulty workmanship with electrical works, plumbing, and structural repairs.

We want to take this opportunity to remind you that caring for your property and the tenant’s safety is paramount as your managing agent.

We must comply with legal and licensing requirements while taking into consideration the provisions set out in our agreements and professional indemnity insurance terms & conditions.

We understand that it is your investment property. Albeit, if you, a friend, or a relative plan to do repairs or renovations at the investment property,  real estate agents require copies of the required licenses and insurance policy covers before undertaking any work.

Regarding maintenance at your property, we are here to assist and guide you through the process and have qualified and affordable tradespeople.

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