Our Recent Record Prices!

Our Recent Record Prices!

Cumberland Realty has demonstrated exceptional success in achieving record prices for properties in the last six months through the effective use of two distinct selling strategiesprivate treaty and auction campaigns tailored specifically to the owners' needs.

By utilizing the private treaty method, Cumberland Realty has been able to carefully negotiate and navigate the sale process, resulting in exceptional outcomes for property owners. Through this strategy, Cumberland Realty takes into account the unique circumstances and preferences of each owner, allowing for a personalized and targeted approach. This tailored approach, combined with the expertise of Cumberland Realty's agents, has consistently yielded record-breaking prices for properties such as 7 Victor Street, Greystanes, 28 Gardenia Parade, Greystanes, and 20 Eldridge Road, Greystanes.

Additionally, Cumberland Realty's successful employment of auction campaigns has further contributed to their record-breaking achievements. Auctions provide a competitive and transparent environment that drives buyer interest and encourages spirited bidding. By strategically planning and executing auction campaigns for properties, Cumberland Realty generates a sense of urgency and creates a competitive atmosphere that often results in properties being sold at premium prices.

Through meticulous planning, effective marketing, and skilled negotiation during the auction process, Cumberland Realty has been able to secure remarkable prices for setting new benchmarks in the local market.

In conclusion, Cumberland Realty's expert utilisation of both private treaty and auction campaigns, tailored to the specific needs of property owners, has been instrumental in achieving record prices for properties in the last six months.

The personalised approach and attention to detail offered by Cumberland Realty have achieved outstanding results, allowing them to surpass previous market expectations and deliver incredible outcomes for property owners